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New Arrivals

All of our Spas Come with the Following Features

All BALBOA Major Components

Breakthrough technologies that go through a 360 part inspection before being used.

Bluetooth Sound System

User friendly wireless bluetooth allowing direct connection to a pre-installed high quality sound system.

LED Mood Lighting

Control the mood with colour changing LED lighting. Making your night in the hot tub even more spectacular.

Thermal Insulation

Keeping the heat in longer, saving you money and making the hot tubs more efficient.

Stainless Steel Structural Base

Strong, robust and reliable base giving your hot tub the perfect foundation.

Built-In Headrests

The built-in headrests provide maximum comfort and luxury allowing you to spend as much time as possible in your hot tub.

Two Year Warranty

All major parts and plumbing are fully covered under our two year warranty at no cost to you.

Low Cost Heating

The fantastic thermal insulation keeps your hot tubs hotter for longer saving you money.